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Enterprise Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department

Department introduction

Enterprise Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department of Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm is a professional legal service team focusing on corporate reorganization, liquidation, acquisition and restructuring. It is now composed of more than 20 experienced, diligent lawyers and paralegals.

Enterprise Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department has a wealth of restructuring experience and a complete set of solutions for crisis resolution. Enterprise Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department handled many cases with large impacts, large numbers of creditors, and complex situations. Since the implementation of the new Enterprise Bankruptcy Law, Enterprise Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department has served as the bankruptcy administrator of nearly 100 companies. At the same time, the department has also participated in the reorganization of many companies as mergering and acquisition legal counsel, government legal counsel, and creditors’ representative. Enterprise Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department can quickly discover and explore the core values of distressed enterprises, liquidize remaining assets, and make a reorganization plan.

Business Scope

1. Reorganization and liquidation business content: corporate bankruptcy reorganization, reconciliation, liquidation, compulsory liquidation, and self-liquidation legal services;

2. Other reorganization business content: asset verification legal services before bankruptcy; legal services for the government to resolve corporate crises; reorganization project consultant legal services; legal services for investors; legal services for corporate mergers and reorganizations; legal services for creditors of bankrupt companies; Legal services before reorganization of enterprises; legal services for corporate debt restructuring; legal services for other managers' consultants; legal services for corporate bankruptcy protection; legal services for corporate bankruptcy prevention.