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Insurance & Asset Management Department

Department introduction

Insurance & Asset Management Department of Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm builds a team of professional lawyers serving the fields of insurance, finance, and asset management. The team currently has 10 professional lawyers and other supporting staff.

Business Scope

1. Representing various property insurance companies, life insurance companies, health insurance companies, insurance intermediary companies in insurance litigations, arbitrations and other cases;

2. Representing bank's financial loan contract disputes, credit card disputes and other litigation and arbitration cases

3. Representing guarantee companies in litigation and arbitration cases

4. Representing asset management companies in litigation, enforcement, asset disposal, auction and other cases;

5. Representing the investment, disposal, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization, liquidation and other matters of state-owned assets;

6. Representing insurance companies, banks, guarantee companies, asset management companies, state-owned enterprises and other customers in labor contract disputes, housing lease contract disputes, equity disputes and other cases and legal affairs;

7. Perennial legal counsel for various enterprises.