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Foreign & Maritime Affairs Department

Department introduction

Foreign & Maritime Affairs Department has been practiced in the field of foreign-related and maritime affairs for many years and has a wealth of practical experiences. The department has a wealth of experienced lawyers focusing on foreign litigation and non-litigation legal affairs. It has provided legal services to enterprises and individuals in many countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Russia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Uganda, Pakistan, Burkina Faso, South Korea, Japan and etc.

Business Scope

1. Representing maritime cargo transportation contract dispute cases;

2. Representing disputes related to ship collision accidents;

3. Representing marine insurance dispute cases;

4. Representing other maritime dispute cases such as salvage and general average;

5. Application and enforcement of maritime injunctions;

6. Settlement of foreign-related disputes;

7. Settlement of international trade disputes;

8. Risk control of international investment;

9. Providing perennial legal services for shipping companies, ship leasing companies, ship insurance associations, international trading companies, banks, shipwreck salvage and other enterprises and institutions.