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Construction & Real Estate Department

Department introduction

Construction & Real Estate Department of Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm has a large number of lawyers with professional capabilities and rich practice experiences.They handled a large number of litigation and non-litigation cases in many aspects such as land acquisition, construction works, and real estate development. Under the guidance of "safe and legal, simple process and reasonable cost", Construction & Real Estate Department provides perennial legal consulting services for a number of construction companies, real estate companies and other companies, and provides customers with the entire process of legal service from pre-development to property management service.

Business Scope

1. Perennial legal counsel for construction and real estate companies;

2. Legal Risk Prevention for construction design contracts;

3. Legal Risk Prevention for construction contracts;

4. Decoration contract drafting;

5. Lease contract drafting;

6. Legal services for expropriation and compensation of nationally-owned land and housing in Hangzhou;

7. Legal services for the expropriation and compensation of collectively owned land and housing in Hangzhou;

8. Private legal services for second-hand housing sales.