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Criminal Defense Department

Department introduction

Criminal Defense Department of Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm has a deep theoretical foundation and rich practical experiences. In recent years, the chief lawyer of the team has led the Zhiren Criminal Defense Department to achieve outstanding defense results with his high defense skills.The department handled many difficult and complicated cases, and gained an outstanding achievement with a high adoption rate of defense opinions and a high success rate of innocent defenses. Criminal Defense Department of Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm undertakes various difficult and complicated criminal cases and provides criminal related legal services.

Business Scope

1. Provide defense for criminal suspects during investigation;

2. Provide defense for criminal suspects during the stage of review and prosecution;

3. Provide defense for defendants at the first or second trial instance;

4. Provide defense for defendants who approved by death penalty;

5. Filed a retrial petition for defendants in criminal cases;

6. Report allegations on behalf of victims in criminal cases;

7. Representing in criminal litigation;

8. Provide criminal legal advice to individuals;

9. Provide perennial legal services to individuals;

10. Provide long-term legal services for high-risk situation of companies;

11. Evaluate criminal legal risks for companies and provide relevant legal opinions to prevent criminal legal risks;

12. Provide training on "Prevention of Criminal Legal Risks for Enterprises and Entrepreneurs" for enterprises and their executives.