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Corporation Issues Department

    Department introduction

The Corporation Issues Department of Zhiren Law Firm is based on the actual legal service needs of enterprises. With the idea of combining management and law, the department closely integrates the latest legal regulations. Starting from the clients practical operations, the department fully evaluates the legal risks and loopholes in the company from establishment to internal management and external transactions. According to the different business fields of customers, existing organizational settings, management structure, industry characteristics, and customers’ cultural background, the lawyers of the Corporation Issues Department will customize legal, efficient, and cost-effective suggestions and implementation plans for clients. The Department provides expert, in-depth, and operational company management services in a comprehensive and detailed manner.

Business Scope

1.Corporate law risk inspection and prevention;

2. Enterprise accounts receivable management;

3. Construction of enterprise intellectual property protection system;

4. Enterprise labor management;

5. Entrepreneur's wealth management;

6. Entrepreneurs' criminal legal risk prevention;

7. Enterprise social security compliance legal services;