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Financial services Department

Department introduction

The Financial services Department is Zhiren Law Firm's professional legal service department for financial credit, guaranteed mortgages, inter-personal credit, private equity, financial crimes, securities futures, trust insurance, non-performing asset disposal, corporate investment and financing, corporate financial crisis management, etc. The Financial services Department adheres to the service concept of "law and management", adopts a team-based service model with at least two lawyers during the process of dealing with a case, and has extensive experiences in difficult financial litigation and corporate legal services.

Business Scope

1. All aspects of legal services for private equity fund managers;

2. All aspects of legal services for corporate equity investment and financing;

3. All aspects of legal services for LP legal service;

4.Making plans for formulation and implementation of equity incentive;

5. Legal protection for business model innovation;

6. All aspects of legal services for non-performing asset disposal;

7. Corporate financial crisis management;

8. Full legal services for financial loan guarantee disputes;

9. Corporate legal services;

10. Corporate legal risk inspection.