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Marriage & family Department1

Department introduction

Marriage & family Department of Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm is a professional team that mainly provides marriage and family legal services. The department has a number of experienced professional lawyers and is determined to provide customers with comprehensive and high-level professional family legal services.

The department has been committed to researching marriage and inheritance business, as well as the impact of marriage and inheritance on company equity and family wealth. On the basis of providing traditional divorce and inheritance litigation legal services, it provides entrepreneurs and other customers with the whole process of family affairs legal service.

Business Scope

1. Litigation: divorce disputes, custody disputes, inheritance disputes, equity disputes, foreign-related marriage disputes, etc.;

2. Non-litigation: Entrepreneur legal counsel, personal wealth planning and management, pre-marital property planning, marital property risk management, personal wealth inheritance, execution of personal wills, trust, family wealth inheritance, etc.